Bioniq Bytes: New Creator Collections

by Max Ogles
by Max Ogles

We’re launching a new type of ordinals collection on the Bioniq marketplace and inviting creators to participate!


The common standard for NFT collectors has been large, generative collections – but this format and quantity doesn’t always work best for creators. When it comes to Ordinals, the space limitations on Bitcoin make it difficult for creators to launch highly detailed artwork (with a lot of data) on-chain. For this reason, we’re launching Bytes.

Bioniq Bytes

Bytes provide creators with an easy way to get started on Bioniq:

  • Each Bytes collection will consist of 4 unique artworks and a total supply of 100 ordinals:
    • Common artwork (40 copies)
    • Uncommon artwork (30 copies)
    • Rare artwork (20 copies)
    • Legendary artwork (10 copies)
  • Every Bytes collection will have its own launch and creators will determine their own pricing (sale, WL, airdrop, free claim)
  • The first Bytes creators will be part of “Season 1”. We will facilitate networking within the Season 1 cohort so you can meet other creators, collaborate, partner in promotional activities, etc.

The Launch

We’re inviting ordinals fans, creators, and artists to participate in Season 1 of Bioniq Bytes.

After you apply, a limited number of creators will be selected to launch with Bioniq Bytes in our inaugural season. You’ll have direct access to our team, marketing and promotional support from Bioniq, and special recognition as one of the first creators to participate.

We plan to add many additional benefits and perks for Bytes creators over time.

How to Apply

Applications for Bioniq Bytes – Season 1 will be open until April 12, 2024. You can apply as a creator here:

Bioniq Bytes Creator Application

If you have questions, please reach out to @EasyStevie_e on X.

Max Ogles
Max Ogles
Co-founder & COO of Bioniq. Sharing ideas to help entrepreneurs grow using NFTs.