Motoko Sentinels: The Game

by Max Ogles
by Max Ogles

The Motoko Sentinels collection launched on April 17, 2024. It’s a Bitcoin Ordinals NFT collection launched on Bioniq, the fastest Ordinals marketplace. Motoko Sentinels is unique because not only is it a collection of artwork, but it’s also a dynamic game that allows you to upgrade your Motoko Sentinel by completing missions.

Here is every you need to know about the Motoko Sentinels game!

Please note: The Motoko Sentinels game is now live!!!

How to Play the Motoko Sentinels Game

In order to play the Motoko Sentinels game, you need to own a Motoko Sentinel ordinal. You can purchase one during the public launch here until they are sold out, or purchase from the secondary marketplace here.

After you own a Motoko Sentinel, there are a few different ways to access the game.

  1. Make sure you are logged in to Bioniq using the account that has the Motoko Sentinel(s).
  2. You can access the Motoko Missions game from your My Inscriptions page (click the Profile icon in the main navigation) or from the purple “Play” button on the Motoko Sentinels collection page here. You can also use this link to access the game directly if you are logged in to Bioniq: Motoko Missions Game.
  3. You’re in! Inside the game is a complete game guide that explains how to play, how to earn XP, how damage and repairs work. The entire game guide is published below in case you want to take a look.

Motoko Sentinels Game Guide

Motoko Sentinels is a dynamic, gamified Ordinals collection. Your goal is to level up your Sentinel by sending it on missions.

💫 It All Starts With a Single Motoko

Everyone starts with a reserved ordinal of just a Motoko body (just a single image layer).

🎁 Reserved Ordinals.

A reserved ordinal is an off-Bitcoin token that is minted on Bioniq, giving you the right to inscribe the image to Bitcoin at a later time. You can choose when to inscribe, and in the meantime, you can trade your token on Bioniq. All asset layers have already been inscribed to Bitcoin, so it is just a few dollars for you to inscribe your reserved ordinals.

🚀 Missions

You can send your Motoko Sentinel on missions. Sending on a mission is like staking your Motoko. Stake for 1, 3, or 7 days, with various risks/rewards. Successful missions earn XP.

🆙 Leveling Up With XP

As you collect XP you will level up your Motoko Sentinel.

Level 1 (0 XP): Basic Motoko body

Level 2 (500 XP): Adds background trait

Level 3 (1100 XP): Adds front trait

Level 4 (2000 XP): Adds tail trait

💥 Failing Missions

There’s a chance your Motoko will fail a mission and become damaged. If this happens, you won’t earn any XP and you cannot start missions until it is repaired. You can pay 500 sats (~$0.30) to repair your Motoko Sentinel.

🔴 Rust

If you let your Motoko sit idle for too long, it will start to rust and become damaged. Similar to failed missions, you have to pay 500 sats to repair your Motoko to send it on missions again.

🔻 XP drain

Any Motoko in a damaged state (from a failed mission or from rust) will slowly lose XP every day. This also means that you can also return to lower levels (3, 2, 1) and lose image layers along the way.

🏆 Winning The Game

The only way to prevent rusting is to (1) get your Motoko to Level 4 and then (2) inscribe it to Bitcoin. Once your Level 4 Motoko has been inscribed you have won the game! You can’t send your Motoko on missions anymore, you aren’t impacted by rust, and you can no longer level up your Motoko. You’ve won!


Before You Can Mint

If you still haven’t purchased a Motoko Sentinel, here are the steps you can follow to buy one:

1. Get ckBTC in your Bioniq wallet.

Either send ckBTC directly to your Bioniq wallet or convert from BTC right within Bioniq. Do this early as wrapping takes ~2 hours.

2. Pair your wallet(s) in your Bioniq settings.

This will be released on Bioniq very early in the day on April 16. It is super easy and fast (and well tested), so don’t worry about timing. You can connect multiple wallets to participate in multiple whitelists.

3. View your whitelist eligibility and purchase.

On the launch page you’ll see each whitelist group (Motoko Ghosts, Bitcoin, Everyone Else) and you’ll be able to see your total unique allocation based on the criteria. At this point, you just select how many you would like and click purchase.

Max Ogles
Max Ogles
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