Introducing op_kitten: A Dynamic Ordinals Collection

by Bob Bodily
by Bob Bodily

Today we’re introducing you to the exciting world of Op_kitten and its significance for ordinals and the Bioniq marketplace. For a more detailed explanation, watch this video: 

Launching Op_Kitten on Bioniq

Op_kitten is not just another ordinals collection; it’s both a tribute to another ordinals collection and a technological advancement wrapped in one. We’ve spent the past year developing Bioniq, our ordinals marketplace and launchpad, and Op_kitten is one of the first dynamic NFT collections we’ve launched. Bioniq serves as the perfect platform for the project, aiming to enhance the Bitcoin network in unique ways.

Honoring Quantum Cats

The inspiration behind Op_kitten came from the Quantum Cats initiative by the Taproot Wizards team. Quantum Cats is a cause-based ordinals collection with the ambitious goal of upgrading Bitcoin using op_cat. For those unfamiliar, op_cat is an op code in Bitcoin that stands for concatenate, essentially meaning “to join.” This concept, cleverly borrowed from a popular song on the subject, underscores the creative and communal spirit driving the project.

The BIPLand Process

A key component of the Op_kitten project is the BIP Land journey. This represents the 21 steps necessary for a BIP to become officially included in Bitcoin. BIP Land is a simple illustrated idea created by Quantum Cats to teach about the process. Op_kitten mirrors this process in a playful and engaging way, allowing users to upgrade their kittens through these levels, starting from level 0 up to level 21. Each level corresponds to a specific step in the BIP Land journey, adding a gamification layer to the experience.

Dynamic Ordinals Collection

Op_kitten stands out as a dynamic ordinals collection. Each kitten begins at level 0, with the potential to ascend through the BIP Land levels. However, progression comes with a risk: while there is an 84% chance of successfully moving to the next level, that means there is 16% chance of failure, resulting in the kitten’s virtual “death.” This dynamic aspect introduces an element of strategy and chance, making the collection even more engaging. Watch out or your kitten will die, and you’ll be left with an RIP kitten.

Leveraging the Levels Protocol

The Op_kitten collection marks the first use of our Levels protocol. This innovative protocol allows for dynamic functionality directly on an ordinal, enabling users to upgrade images, metadata, and more. We’ll share more about the Levels protocol and how it can be used in innovative games, collections, and tokens, in the near future!

Community Engagement and Success

The response to Op_kitten has been overwhelmingly positive. With 100,000 op_Kittens claimed for free by the community and 10,000 new users onboarded onto Bioniq, it’s clear that there’s a strong interest in both op_cat and the broader ordinals economy. That’s 10,000 new users that we onboarded with Bitcoin addresses to the ordinals ecosystem! 

Reserved Ordinals: A Game-Changer

A key innovation in the op_Kitten project is the introduction of reserved ordinals. These are tokens that exist on layer two or a side-chain, offering a right to inscribe to Bitcoin later. This approach provides flexibility for creators and collectors, allowing for quick trading on Bioniq before making a permanent inscription on Bitcoin. It’s a feature that significantly enhances the dynamic and interactive nature of the Op_kitten collection.


In wrapping up, Op_kitten exemplifies the innovative spirit and technological advancement within the Bitcoin and ordinals community. Through clever gamification, technical innovation, and a strong community focus, op_Kitten has set a new standard for what’s possible in this exciting space. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for joining us on this journey.

Bob Bodily
Bob Bodily
CEO of Bioniq. Entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Finding product market fit for blockchain solutions one user at a time.